The perfect boat!

One thing that we’ve been going over and over is what we want/need for sailing full-time as far as our boat.  This involves us both searching specific websites (mainly for all boats 37-46′ in length and then researching those boats!  We look about 2 times a day…Everyday.  While exciting, after a while the boats begin to all look the same. Thats ok though, we just want to make sure we end up with the perfect boat for us.

Yes, please!

We like Endeavour’s, Morgans, Bristols, Cabo Ricos, Corbin’s, Sabre’s, Beneteau’s and Pearson’s and actually a bunch more :).  Corbin just popped up on our radar a few days ago, so this list is always expanding. We are looking from 1975 and on. Brittany really liked the Hunter’s for a while because of their “pretty cabins” but that wasn’t going to work because we wouldn’t feel safe with planning a circumnavigation on one.  So out that one went!

Corbin 39


Here are a few things that we need and a few that we would like to have!

Our needs:
  • A boat that is 37-46′ in length with a Sloop rig.  Cutter rig would be ok if the boat was perfect. Any smaller than 37 and we think we’d be packed full and any longer than 46′ would cause us to have to spend more money than we really need (cost, maintenance, mooring, slip fees, etc).
  • We need a keel that is shallower than 5’6″.  This is to ensure we can navigate the shallow Gulf/Caribbean/Bahama waters without too much worry.
  • We want a boat under $100,000.
  • A boat that has a displacement of at LEAST 17000lbs.  We aren’t sure how far we want to go with this adventure, we certainly don’t want to have too little boat for any trip we’d like to make.
  • We’d like the boat to be located in Florida.
  • We need the boat to be operational.  We are fine with doing work to the boat, if you’ve ever owned a boat you know that we certainly will. It just needs to be operational, not pretty…Not a pile of junk either though!
  • We want an center cockpit with ROOM! We also want a table attached to the forward part of the helm or the ability to add one.
  • We want all lines to run to the cockpit as well.
We’d like to have:
  • Solar panels.
  • Low engine hours.
  • A dingy with a motor.
  • A double bed (Brittany doesn’t prefer the V-berth bed).
  • Large water/holding tanks.
  • Auto-Pilot.
  • Wind instruments and depth sounder.
Of course, that’s not the entire list but it’s a great start!
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