Quit my job? Not possible!

Sometimes we get a surprised look when we tell others about our upcoming plans…Not having to work anymore just doesn’t seem real does it? We all have so many responsibilities! Bills, house payments, vehicle payments, everyday life stuff. We all have them, so how can one take control of that and make their own choices of what to do with their life?  I’ll tell you the single most precious thing that we all have in this life…it’s time. We all have a very limited amount…Each of us has to decide on how we will spend ours. Most choose to work everyday, selling their time to someone else.  That’s what we are doing when we work. A lot of people do it their entire lives…I can only imagine they end up looking back with regret. I’ll tell you this, I’ve never heard of a dying man or woman saying that they wished they had worked just a few more hours to make that extra $1000! Or worked that one more weekend to meet that deadline! Never.

This blog post is about taking control of your life and using your time wisely.Some assume that quitting their job and sailing for an extended period of time just isn’t feasible while others dismiss it with a smugish shrug (our favorite response). Every so often people do ask how we can manage it. Believe me, it’s more than possible!  In fact, it’s easy! I’m sure there are tons of ways to go about making your dreams come to fruition but here is our recipe to financial success.

The bright idea bulb is lit!

Step 1. We stopped all spending.  Period.  We stopped wasting our hard earned bucks on Starbucks, Red Bulls (Jeremiah’s favorite), eating out, etc…Nothing.  We went to extremes to save money….Monitoring how much water or electricity was used in the house, not buying things unless they are absolutely necessary and we had a coupon for it, always packing lunch for work, only drinking water (from the tap). We even went as far as using old cut up t-shirts instead of buying paper towels! Anything we could to save money. The “American Dream” isn’t buying the largest house you can afford while driving the nicest car you can afford….In my opinion, it’s taking control of your life and enjoying it to the fullest. The previous plan might be the perfect IRS dream, as you’ll be working for the rest of your life and paying a large portion of all earnings to them! Think about that.

Remember, you get rich $10 at a time…$10 is a huge amount of money. So when you drop $10 down for anything, you better absolutely need it!After a while it becomes a way of life. You begin to freak out when you see other people buy a water… “OH MY GOSH, YOU’RE BUYING A WATER??!!….it’s FREE!”. Or when they buy a soda…or lunch…etc.  It becomes so incredibly easy to save money because you realize how much of it you wasted when you bought those items. It’s unbelievable how much we spend when we purchase random stuff.  Other items that aren’t important are cable tv and ridiculous smart phones! These things only distract us from life anyway!! How many people go home after their day and then sit on the couch watching tv, some even scrolling through their phone at the same time! Life is passing so many by while they stare at a screen.  It’s sad. Shut the tv off, put the phone down (better yet, get free from them completely!) and go for a walk…Talk to a family member…Read a book! Your time is passing with each second!

Enough about that…I could go on all day long about not spending money.
Ok step 2. Take all that extra money you have and immediately pay off your debt emergency! Any debt is an emergency.  Listen to me…All of it. Sell your crap to do it if you need to…It’s only weighing you down anyway! Credit cards, vehicle payments, school loans, mortgage if you have one…All of it! Get rid of it!!  How about that guy or gal driving that awesome new reliable BMW into their job…That they must have so they can pay for their awesome reliable BMW!….wait…? Pay off or get rid of the car, drive it as little as possible (bike around town). My paid off reliable car drives on the same road as that stupid BMW…gets to the same exact place.  Except I don’t have to come back to work tomorrow to make more money to pay for my car…it’s already paid for! So many fall for the “you need a more reliable car” or “that car needs to be upgraded” scam.  Just drive the minimum you have to…without a loan on it!
Watch your earnings grow and start to work for you


Step 3 starts once you pay all your debt off.  Now you save save save! Invest it in something safe! Before you know it you’ll be sitting on a lot of savings! It’s simple to pull off a 50% savings ratio once you do the above. Saving at least 50% of your net income each month.
Now at this point you are truly free from the “system”…”Wait…I don’t have to work anymore??”. Well, you can plan for that. I’ll get into more specifics about numbers in a later post but for now, yes! You can do what you want!  After a while of saving, you’ll have enough savings to last you a long time because you don’t hardly spend anything!

The number one problem that people have is their spending.  Income amount doesn’t stop someone from retiring or having savings.  It is their spending! You’d be amazed at how much happier you feel when you simplify your life from all the clutter of debt, bills, spending, tv staring, etc…You can truly enjoy the only thing we all have…Our time.
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