It all must go!

882686_636748683035562_1494950737_oYou’re never going to believe this but our first move towards selling all of our belongings was actually purchasing about a thousands dollars worth of Christmas decor two Christmas’ ago…Crazy?! I know! If you’ve watched our recent YouTube video 1000 YouTube subscribers, which was a total joke and all acting, then you already understand our freakish obsession for Christmas…So the thought process went as simple as this – We have an absolute love for Christmas, the holidays and the spirit of Christmas itself so why not..We knew we’d be moving into a furnished house while we were locating our sailboat so we simply got what we wanted. The good thing is that we’ve been so financially responsible that doing something completely outlandish is ok and won’t disrupt our plans! Plus, it makes us happy and money ALWAYS comes second to happiness in this family.

We also plan to come home for Christmas here and there during our sailing adventures to spend time with our family. We will be renting one of my mothers already furnished vacation homes located around Tampa, Florida when we return so we’ll need to decorate! Most people would probably think it’s a waste, however this falls under one of those categories that you choose to do because it brings you great joy in life and as you know, happiness is our first priority. So this wasn’t a big deal for us.


Enjoying our cute Virginia apartment.

As you already know from reading our blog, we moved from our cute little virginia home into an already semi-furnished basement apartment for 4 months while Jeremiah finished up his last couple months of his career.  We sold a lot of junk at yard sales before we moved…A ton of clothes! Anyone who has kids (especially 5)  will know the abundance of clothes you can have. We probably made around $1500.00 doing those garage sales.

Once the garage sales were complete, the packing really began. We moved our belongings into a storage unit during those 4 months. We did our best to plan in advance when we packed up. The boxes were labeled as such…Boat, Sentimental, Virginia apartment, Florida house or Selling. Our boat box held items that we already owned, would come to good use on the boat such as life jackets, towels, plastic dishes, throw rugs, and so on. I got a little creative and put some household items in there that I thought I could use to save us money. For example, our curtains and bedding because I plan to use these items to create our boat curtains and sheets with my new Sailrite sewing machine that I am hoping Santa will get me. 😉


Engulfed in packing!

I found that the Virginia Apartment and Florida House boxes were the hardest to pack. It was very important not to allow an item to come to either the Virginia apartment or Florida home that belonged in another category due to the fact that we didn’t plan to open any of the boxes after they were packed. We have minimal storage space available while we are sailing, unless we want to purchase storage and we would rather not spend our money on that!

Now, if you ask our kids, I’m sure they’d say that the most difficult boxes to pack were the selling boxes. Children do NOT like to part with their items and them having to pick and choose what stays and goes can be rather hard to watch as a parent. Boy oh boy, can a child ever build an attachment to an item, especially our sweet little Jessica…she forms a relationship with everything! It is so precious to see the love she has for all of her personal belongings, even going as far as naming many of them!

Ok, ok, I’ll get back on topic here – The “selling” boxes held items that were fully intended to be sold. As a parent this was a challenging process to go through with the kids and Dad really had to take the lead on this one. We helped the kids as they went over every single item..Most of the time they tried to tell us why it belonged in the sentimental box…The happy meal toy that was 5 years old and junk just HAD to be in the sentimental box lol…You get the idea. After hearing the story, we made the final decision. It was hard to be the bad guy here, but if we didn’t go about it this way then we would’ve had 5 kids worth of stuff that we had to figure out storage for.

In the end we had a total of only 5 large boxes full of items that truly meant something to the kids. I should also add that we allowed them to take all of their clothes and items that were of use to their mothers in California since they are going to finish school there. As for Jeremiah and I, we kept very little…or should I say Jeremiah kept very little 😉 The dividing of items and packing into catagories was the hardest and most challenging step to complete in working towards our dream of sailing for me.


All of the girls!

At this point, this whole process of getting rid of/selling everything we own has become pretty easy! We advertise on Craigslist for all of our big items like furniture. As for all of our little items…We just open a box and put it out to be sold at our garage sales we hold every weekend. If we feel like it’s worth more than you’d get at a garage sale, we just take a picture of it and post it on Craigslist or the local garage sale sites via Facebook.

We’ve also had a lot of friends and family buy items. We actually sold our office set and patio furniture to really good girlfriends of mine, Nikki and Nicole in Virginia before we moved.





From left to right, Nicole, Nikki and me!


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  • John T. Anderson

    FYI There is a Amel 39′ listing on Boat trader. $90,000.00 refit in 2013ReplyCancel

  • John Holman

    It figures. Been following your travels and search for your new home on the water. Just watched #6. I live in Palm City and am a Police Sgt. in Port St. Lucie. I sent both my sons to Chapman down in Port Salerno. ( a lot of good restaurants there). I’ve been in the area since 1981. Would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Shoot me an e-mail and I can answer more at length and if you want my phone # for when you get back down here.ReplyCancel

    • lazygeckos

      Thank you so much for watching!

      Yes, we can not wait to dock over there and start attending school. We are happy to hear that they have a nice selections of restaurants, as we can not wait to explore! We will keep you in mind if we have any questions once we move that way.ReplyCancel

  • Johan

    Just found your great blog, and have spent some hours reading it and watching your videos. Can’t wait for the next video to see more of your new boat!

    Best of luck with your sailing from snowy and cold Sweden.


    • lazygeckos

      Hi Johan! How wonderful that we are able to connect in such a way over such a great distance! Thank you for your very kind words, we enjoy what we are doing so much! We are getting back into blog writing mode, so please stay tuned for that along with our bi-weekly video episodes. The next will be released tomorrow! Stay warm over there. Jeremiah & BrittanyReplyCancel

  • We bought the same sewing machine! We are still learning, but still learning.ReplyCancel

    • lazygeckos

      Nice! It’s awesome and seems to be very user friendly! I’d love to hear about your first project?!?!ReplyCancel

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