Captains Blog March 21st – April 1st 2016


Getting some great sailing tips from our friend, Ted!

March 21st – Went to visit my Momma today! Two things that I miss from land life would have to be a bathtub that I can watch my baby boy play in and reality tv! Yes, I’m a Bravo TV sucker. Good news though! I can easily give Rhys a bath on the boat as soon as I purchase the correct blow up tub!  For now, it’s showers with Daddy for him. I can also purchase cable at marinas if I choose to spend the extra mola! Which we won’t do…lol

March 22nd – We anchored the boat and it only took two attempts! My downfall would have to be tying knots 🙁 Anchoring was actually pretty simple except for the ground on this river being so soft…it’s like light mush which causes the anchor to just drag through it. The first spot was a no-go, the second spot was better which allowed for our anchor to hook right up! It set well and we enjoyed an entire evening and night at anchor! Loved it!

March 23rd – Went topless today while still at anchor and my-oh-my was it ever freeing! I can’t wait for it to become normal to be so free rather than feel like I am bending the rules. This new lifestyle is definitely for me! We also did some downwind sailing which was just amazing. I had the helm while Jeremiah worked the sheets, I enjoyed that much more!! We both are learning all sides but the helm is my favorite for sure.


Our first anchorage was beautiful!

March 24th – Today I realized that there are three types of people here…Liveaboards, Cruisers and then Sailors. Sadly, many liveaboards dreams have died before they even began, a lot of them live on their boats without ever leaving the dock. Seems that a lot of people that have sailboats only motor from place to place without ever raising their sails! I call them cruisers. A sailor is what we would like to be – willing to raise sail at every opportunity…Be on the hook as much as possible and truly enjoy being self sufficient. Not that anyone is doing it wrong…but for us…We don’t want to just motor around…We got a sailboat for a reason!

March 25th – We will be leaving the boat tomorrow for a mini-getaway to spend Easter with the family. This is the first time since moving aboard. It feels strange to be leaving the boat…It already feels like home! Already can’t wait to get back!!

March 30th – Holy moly are we ever pooped! One of our great new YouTube friends, Ted took us out on his boat for a day sail…such a great opportunity to learn some new techniques to work the sails. We are so grateful for friends like Ted and his wife, Annette. We’ve met so many great people since beginning this blog and our vlog!

April 1st – Today I woke up to hear my husband telling me that he had just spent $1k on speakers for our boat. So I thought…how can I handle this. I said “ok baby, well this is your home so I want you to enjoy it. All I ask is that you do not spend any more for this month” 🙂 only to find out it was a big April fools joke…Thank God!! LOL…We can’t afford that!! LOL


With love, from the stern of the Lazy Gecko!

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  • Paul Stratton

    pretty awesome,wish you guys the bestReplyCancel

  • Todd Monforte

    Interesting that you say you are a reality TV junkie…since you are now the reality TV for so many othersReplyCancel

  • Arthur Pryor

    KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE……a lot of people are behind you…and you blew it when he said he bought speakers for 1K…knowing it was april 1st, you should have said that you had just done the same….i love april fools, i fooled a lot of people with posts on FB….ReplyCancel

  • Douglas Montgomery

    You can get dish satelite TV for $50 a month. They are the onlty ones that allow you to turn on and off your subscription.ReplyCancel

  • Eric Martin

    That is just too funny!!! Sounds like something I would have done. Instead of pulling a prank on my wife I did get the office staff going. We have a routine at the office where I will read some articles from the local paper for everyone to chime in on. There was an article about how the govt. was going to begin work on restoring the war memorial in downtown Ottawa. Part of the restoration is work to be completed on the bronze statue. I added that the govt. was going to remove some of the male members in the statue and add more females and visible minorities to better reflect the diverse population of Canada. It was hard to keep a straight face as I spouted off, but I did. End result many frustrated and irate individuals and a lively discussion about waste of taxpayers money and on and on, right up until I reminded everyone that it was April 1st. I guess it could have been worse, I could have signed their paychecks as Mickey Mouse!!!ReplyCancel

  • Eric Martin

    That photo of the sunset from the stern of SV Lazy Gecko is better than any TV you could ever watch.ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Painter

    Would you be interested in someone recording all of your favorite shows & movies and have them mailed on an SD card or thumb drive?ReplyCancel

  • Stephen Wells

    Semper Fi. Thank you for your service, from a Viet Nam Veteran Marine. Want to give you a heads up on maintaning your health after exposure to so many unknowns while in service. 1. Detox 2. Antioxidents 3. Heathy diet 4. Spiritual Healing Note: It take heavy metal toxins up to 30 years to drastically impact your health so detox and illiminate from diet and inviroment. This is one of the main causes of veteran deaths. These toins attack your imune sysem and digestion track. Remember good health starts in your intestants.ReplyCancel

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