Captains Blog 2-11 April 2016

April 2nd – Ever heard someone getting it on in a public family bathroom that you just happen to shower your baby in? Well…I have!!! The common area of the club house consisted of an older couple cooking dinner, me sewing and a young boy on the computer when the dead silence was broken by a women moaning loudly and not only once, but multiple times. Like full-on orgasm style! Everyone just carried on like it was nothing…maybe I didn’t get the memo and this is normal?! Lol – either way it added some excitement and drama to our stay here at Reynolds Park Yacht Center. Oh, the craziness of this place.

April 3rd – Jeremiah and I took Rhys on a 4 mile run around the marina today, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky Rhys is. A moment of clarity, I guess… We are all so blessed to have each moment together…not to mention that Jeremiah and I get to watch our baby boy grow and develop. We never miss a moment and that’s priceless. I know that Rhys won’t know how lucky he is until he has children of his own but I sure do see the happiness that this life is bringing him…and that makes me happy too!

April 4th – Tonight we made the decision that we would switch marinas tomorrow morning! So far, it seems rather easy to get our home ready to move. I guess it’s simple when everything you own stays in a boat! As long as you stay organized. I have never moved and it be this easy! What a freaking breeze, I could get used to it!!!

April 5th – My body has been kissed by the sun! Well, sunrise that is! It isn’t too often that we are up early enough to watch the sun rise. We left the marina today for our new temporary home, we were forced to leave by a certain time due to the tides. As the sun appeared for the day, I realized that I’ve only seen a handful of sunrises during my life because we’ve always been sleeping, getting ready for work or in the mix of the hustle and bustle of life. Well, I’m happy to say that now I will probably see more then I can probably count because we’ve taken this once in a lifetime opportunity to sail the world.

April 6th – I sent off the paperwork required for our dogs to enter the Bahamas. Holy moly is it ever a lot that has to be done…Not only for the Bahamas but for everywhere we will be traveling. It kinda sucks that we have to take all these extra steps for the dogs and it does add stress…In the end, the moments that we will share in these locations would never be complete if we didn’t have all of our doggies!

April 7th – We got our A/C system today!! It’s almost time for us to say goodbye to R2D2 (our temporary AC system) and get properly introduced to our new and very expensive little buddy, a Mermaid M16. 16,500 beautiful BTU’s of cooling power and it even has heat! Now just to install it 🙂

April 8th – Tonight I attended my first sailing class! So I’m told that I have to do a swim check at 8am tomorrow and capsize a flying Scott boat…All in the river. For most people this wouldn’t be a big deal but for me I have a fear…like a huge fear of what’s in water. I am seriously rethinking this whole class and I am ready to forget the money that we spent on it!

April 9th – Well I did it! I got right in that water and rocked it! I did the swim test and capsized that sailboat and enjoyed every minute of it…Well not really! It was in the 60’s this morning and that water was freezing at 8am. Like made my chest burn kind of freezing! Anyway, I learned a lot today, I’m looking forward to more of it tomorrow!!

April 10th – Wow! I think I’ve found my new love…Sailing! It really is an amazing feeling to start to be able to feel the boat, water and wind all work together because of what I’m doing. This class has been amazing and I can’t wait to apply all these new skills on our own boat!

April 11th – I know that my husband has been dreading this whole AC thing…He woke up today and seemed rather down and I assume that it is because the time has finally come to start this installation. I know him though and once he gets on a roll, it will go great and he will do just fine! On another note, we got our AiRiS paddle board from Walker Bay! Man, this thing is AWESOME! I can’t wait to get away and enjoy some “me time” on it! More to come!!!



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  • Tim Linder

    I love yall’s post and updates. Semper Field day!ReplyCancel

  • Arthur Pryor

    YES Rhys is have a good life…….ReplyCancel

  • We’ve been thinking about picking a couple up ourselves… Keep us posted on your experiences and thoughts… Thinking it could serve several purposes… Exercise, zen time, fishing platform etc.. Keep up the great work and hope to see you soonReplyCancel

  • Ryan

    Love the blog! I look forward to the posts and videos each week. I hope to do the same in the future, sell my businesses, buy a sailboat and sail off into the sunset. I look forward to seeing ya’ll sail to some interesting places!ReplyCancel

  • David F Jativa

    Hey don’t forget to do a video for the AC installation. A tutorial would better since there’s not a single video online that shows Te FYI of this. Looking forward to seeing the Video!!ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Painter

    Is there a centralized website that you can go to for all your dog’s papers, or do you look it up port by port? I would think a form program that filled in all the same blocks for all the ports you want at once would be a huge hit…..hmmmm. If the irs can do it, then it is doable…..let me seeReplyCancel

  • Paul Stratton

    lol,on the bath post,when i lived in ct ,i rented a travel trailer,but had use the main house,one day i was privey to moaning sounds ,coming from the bathroom,more info then i wanted ,lolReplyCancel

  • Trina McLoone Warwick

    Hey guys! Love the updates and your attitude to living life to the fullest, I’m a bit herdonistic myself.

    Have you been able to find a website with all you need for the doggie paperwork? I have been trying to figure it out too…ugh! Any advice in the doggie paperwork category?ReplyCancel

  • Steve Adams

    Great Posts! I am so glad you guys are starting your retirement fun while you are still young. I was a corpman in 68 and 69 with the fleet and then worked for many years after I got out didn’t start to retire and have fun till I was in my 60s and sure missed out on a lot. Think I will live vicariously through you guys. Simper Fi and good luck.ReplyCancel

  • Raul Lucas

    Semper FidelisReplyCancel

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