Captains Blog 12-17 April 2016

April 12th – Agh! Motion sickness again! Yes, I’ve gotten the terrible feeling of spinning and nausea once or twice so far while living on my floating palace. However, when it does happen, it seems to come on when I’m drinking. Wonder if it’s the actual drinking causing it and not the rocking? lol…Probably both! I can only imagine that it will get worse out there on the hook, so I might just have to reassess my drinking. Until then, cheers!

April 13th – Planning our trip to Canada, upstate NY and Pennsylvania has been rather stressful. We’re nervous about leaving our boat, even though I’m sure it will all be fine. It’s hard to do trips away like this when you have so much invested into your floating home. If something were to happen (knock on wood) then there goes our only home! At the end of the day, this is just me, I worry, worry, worry…Someday I will let it all go, but until then I will just keep reminding myself that this is why we made this lifestyle change – to let go of all the worry and stress. It doesn’t hurt that we have made some wonderful friends through our blog and vlog that are willing to come by and check on our baby!

April 14th – We spent the day looking for daycare for our little furry dogs! At first we were just going to take the dogs so that we could avoid paying for daycare, but the idea of that has just become too overwhelming. Plus, we didn’t want Rhys to have to endure hours in a car seat so we’ve opted to trade in the drive for a quick and easy flight! Honestly, a vacation from our little furry friends does sound nice lol. We do love them but hey…Don’t mind a break!

April 15th – My sailing classes start up again tomorrow! It”s been nice having something to get up early for during this laid back lifestyle! I’ve always loved attending school and working jobs that had many high priority commitments. I’m looking forward to getting up and getting out there on the water!!

April 17th – I got my certification today!! I am so proud of myself for following through with my classes, learning challenging techniques and facing my fears! I am now Skipper B certified and I’m already looking for the next set of classes that I can take to further my sailing skills.


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  • Paul Stratton

    alcohol could be a contributing factor,since drinking can effect your equalibreim ,since eveything does tend to move on a boat ,lol.,jusst my 2 cents,PReplyCancel

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