Captains Blog 18-31 April 2016

April 18th – After having some full-time cruisers over for drinks I realized that not all of us (sailors, cruisers and live-aboards) are living on a boat for the same reason. Some are stuck in a hard place financially or medically restricted, wishing they could untie the lines. Others do it for a cheaper lifestyle and basically leave their boat everyday to work a full time job. While speaking with our new friends a good point came to mind. This boat is not our forever home. It is our vessel to take us to parts of the world that we would not be able to explore otherwise. I think that I forget that fact from time to time and I’m constantly reminding myself to enjoy every moment! We cannot take this opportunity for granted!

April 20th – Dropped my 3 babies off today! I felt a bit sad, but nothing like how I used to feel before I had Rhys! Pre-baby, I would have walked away with tears in my eyes, a mountain of anxiety would have followed! Now my thought was “well at least I still have Rhys with me!” Off to Canada we go!! I love the dogs…but this will be a nice break!


April 21st – After a long day of traveling and only 2 hours of rest, Jeremiah and I decided to tuff it out and hit up Niagara Falls on the American side. We opted out of getting out and walking around, but we did check it out by car just so we could say that we had experienced both sides of the falls once we visit the Canadian side on our way home.


April 27th – We visited the Canadian side of the Niagara falls today! We realized that exploring is now our life, as we began to take in the falls. What an amazing stress-free life we have compared to what it was. It’s such a wonderful feeling that we get to expose our son to this world in such a way, instead of the way that Jeremiah and I grew up, which was to see it all through text books or word of mouth.unnamed

April 28th – Spending our first night at (Jeremiah’s) Moms house and boy-oh-boy did I need this! When we come here it’s like a cleansing of the mind, body and soul. I always leave here feeling much more pure then I was when we arrived.

unnamed2April 29th – Well tonight is one of those nights where I can’t stop worrying. Tomorrow I will be leaving Rhys for the very first time for 2 days! I know it’s time as he is 14 months old and Jeremiah and I really need a weekend for us…but am I ever going to miss him! It’s funny how I would rather spend every waking moment with Rhys then leave him to indulge in my own cravings!

unnamed1April 30th – Wow! Talk about getting back to the foundation of our little family. It was just like old times as Jeremiah and I googled an Irish pub, hopped in an Uber and took off to drink some beers, meet new people and acted like we were dating again! I’m so grateful that being together doesn’t come hard for us. Seven years later we are still able to have fun, get crazy and even a bit out of control!




April 31st – Our friends wedding was absolutely breathtaking and I’m so grateful that we were able to attend it tonight. This is the beauty of our lifestyle. Yeah, we may not make a ton of money and we’re forced to live on a really tight budget, but we are able to attend milestones that we wouldn’t normally be able to attend. I love this!

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    Know that feeling well ,medically,sometimes it’s hard to believe 4.years already,ah well one of these days.abit of coos news.i have two or three folks.pretty serious seeing if they are a match,,I’m O positive so all I can get are o donors.sorry for the ramble,yu all have a fantastic evening, ,,paulReplyCancel

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