Captains Blog 1-9 May 2016

May 1st – Today it hit me that jobs don’t define who we are anymore…Over the weekend, Jeremiah looked at me and said “So what do I tell people when they ask what I do?”, I replied with “Just tell them that you’re retired”. He responded with “Yeah, but then they think that we’re loaded with money because I look younger and that just isn’t the case”. I thought for a minute or two and said “Well honey, tell them that you’re are a professional blogger, vlogger and social media specialist!”. His response was “Yeah, your right!” And there you have it…We do have jobs, we’ve created them ourselves and I’m ok with that!


Getting my cleaning on!

May 2nd – (Adult content) We got recognized from our YouTube channel in the airport tonight! How crazy is that? Figures it would happen after traveling for 16 hours straight, hair a hot mess, Rhys delirious, ready to have a melt down and we just found out that our dog sitter could not keep our dogs any longer…Oh yeah, I can’t forget about the bubble gum all stuck to my pants that looked like Jeremiah had just blown you know what all over them. Perfect timing lol.


On our looooong wait aboard our aircraft coming home

May 3rd – We picked our dogs up from Teds today and had another moment of realization…We really do get back what we put into our YouTube channel. We met Ted through our YouTube videos and if it weren’t for him we’d probably be searching the Jacksonville dog pounds right now. Our dog sitter flaked on us last minute, with out any hesitation Ted went and picked our dogs up and kept them over night while we figured out how we were going to get back home after all of our delayed flights. It’s amazing how kind the people we’ve met have been to us!

May 4th – Played catch up all day long! It’s definitely been one of those days where you tell yourself you will not be traveling for a very long time. I think I was actually boat sick and I’m happy to be all snuggled into my home.

May 6th – Met up with some new friends today, Art and Anick. They’re cruisers, powered by motor, and they came all the way down the St Johns River to spend the day with us! So we were eager to repay them with yummy food and delicious wine…well boxed wine actually! Lol. We are so grateful for meeting them as they are just the type of couple that you feel like you’ve known forever!!

May 7th- Busy busy today! Jeremiah was able to get the old name (Sojourn) off the boat, the dingy registration painted on Taco and I almost completed the baby room! Things are starting to look up. We’re right on the verge of being full-time cruisers who are actually constantly moving!!

May 8th – Happy Mother’s Day! My second Mother’s Day and to think I spent it on our floating piece of paradise…It’s crazy how far we’ve come. Last year we were still in our fully furnished home completely engulfed in the mix of things – jobs, new baby, kids in school and spending our weekends playing catch up. Boy oh boy, am I thankful that we get to relax and enjoy the moment of days like today!

May 9th – Tonight I lay here thinking that I hope we’ve spent enough time with our families since retiring. We’ve always been so busy with life and I promised myself that we would seek every opportunity to spend with our families once we took this journey because I know that it won’t ever be wasted time. Well, I guess we need to have them all on the Lazy Gecko!


Mother Day trip to lunch!

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  • Arthur Pryor

    Jeremiah is a ‘NUNYA’…none of your business. OK, kinda rude, but inquiring people can be rude. he is prior service and a hero. he is a husband, a father, and a good one, he is a repairman, a sailor, and weatherman. he is really anything he wants to be, but mostly he is just taking a pause to enjoy life with his family while he is young and can enjoy it. what i should have done 30 years ago…..give RHYS a hug for me. we are taking care of a grandson who is supposed to be sick but i suspect he just wanted a day away from school with us….ReplyCancel

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    Thanks for all you do to keep us entertained and educated with sailing!ReplyCancel

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