Captains Blog 13-19 May 2016

May 13th – We were supposed to leave NAS JAX today but quickly realized that it’s Friday the 13th. We’re not too superstitious. However, my house did burn down many years ago on a Friday the 13th. So we decided that it’s just best to wait!

May 14th – Every once in a while you are presented with one of those situations where you could get away with something and no one would even know. Well today could have been one of those days. We were supposed to leave and were paid up at the marina until yesterday. We ended up having to stay just half a day longer because of weather. We were told to not worry about it from others but I want to be a good example for Rhys and give him the same values so I cheerfully mad my way up to the office to pay for 1 more day even though it was only a couple hours and boy oh boy do I feel good about it 🙂

May 15th – We left today and guess what, we got butt naked on the bow on our first night of anchoring! LOL…Might be silly but it was a thrilling feeling to have thrown the dock lines off and be free like this. Amazing!!

May 16th – Okay, so we’ve had an eventful first night at anchor. When I say eventful I mean that the dogs have created all the events! Tacori fell through our hatch screen not only once but twice! We’re so happy that she is ok but c’mon as if she didn’t learn the first time. We try not to restrict the animals from where they can go on the boat but I think Tacori will have to have some boundaries now 🙂 Both times she gave us a “Did I do that?” look. She’s a goofball.

May 17th – Yes, we got our temporary AC to run while swinging on the hook!! R2D2 does take up some space but he surely has earned his keep.

May 18th – Well living on the hook does provide much more time to keep up with our blog, vlog, emails and social media – However, that takes data and wifi and it’s not cheap! We’ve already had to upgrade our plans and add hotspots that I’m assuming won’t even last the rest of the month.

May 19th – We made our way down the ICW today, full of anxiety from all the horror stories we had heard about how difficult it would be in our boat. It actually turned out to be amazing as we sailed our way down the St. John’s River and then motored through the ICW…the sites were beautiful and happiness filled our souls. Then the excitement began as we tried to pull into the marina that we so carefully planned to get to in time before another storm hit. At our back was a pretty big storm and ahead of us was a marina that would not allow our 6′ draft to get into at low tide…Which it just happened to be! So there we sat just waiting for the storm while getting more and more frustrated with the person who told us we would be able to get in with a 6′ draft. The storm came, shook and beat us up a bit. Jeremiah motored the Lazy Gecko even further onto the ground below so that it would hold us steady. I scrambled back and forth on the boat trying to protect it from the storm. Going through that experience made me realize that this is was being a sailor is all about – It’s hard to prepare yourself for these situations if you haven’t gone through them because it’s these situations that prepare you for the next one! So next time, we’ll be more ready!


Traveling down the ICW

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  • Paul Stratton

    i guess you dont what you will do till it happens,sounds like you handled it all in good boaty decisions,,fair winds an safe passages,,,paulReplyCancel

  • Chuck Kokoska

    Hi guys! Can you add me to your email blog! Love your stuff! Regards ChuckReplyCancel

    • lazygeckos

      I don’t think that we are able to do that…I think you have to do it by clicking a link. I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying!ReplyCancel

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