Captains Blog 20 – 29 May 2016

May 20th – Growing up we were able to sleep without having to lock our doors on the house and vehicles. It’s sad to say that now being out here at anchor I don’t feel safe enough in today’s world to be able to do the same. We always make sure that every little thing is locked on our boat in order to feel safe. Jeremiah does his nightly rounds…He does make me feel secure. He’s armed to the gills and is fully prepared for anything, should the unthinkable happen. Plus he’s trained me to do the same!

May 21st – As Rhys’ gets older I hope that he’ll never take what this life has to offer for granted. I also feel that this lifestyle will help him stay humble and kind since he is going to be in so many different situations dealing with all types of people.

May 23rd – Jeremiah and I worked very hard to get where we are today. Untying the lines symbolizes all that coming together! The dream that we have been dreaming has now come true and the road getting here was a beautiful disaster. One key thought that we always keep in mind is that nothing in life comes easy and not to expect a free ride from anyone.

May 25th – One thing I’ve learned in this cruising life is that there is a difference between being doing it with someone you love then just doing it with anyone. It has so much to offer and if you aren’t experiencing it with someone you love then you won’t feel it to the fullest.

May 26th – We got recognized from the vlog and blog again today. We absolutely love all the relationships we’ve formed and all the people that have shared their inner thoughts, feelings and experiences with us. It’s been amazing.

May 27th – I’ve begun to realize just how dependent we’ve gotten when it comes to AC. Living on a boat has definitely put how much we all take AC for granted into perspective. I’ve gotten used to more sunshine with a little bit of added sweat but I sure appreciate the AC that we have when we do have it for those short periods of time.

May 28th – We used to live an insanely busy lifestyle. Looking back I can see that we took very little time to go out of our way to form new relationships…Such as making small talk in the grocery store, which happened today. I’ve begun viewing our family in a new light. We move at a much slower pace, take time to stop and enjoy something that we probably wouldn’t have even noticed before this lifestyle change and always try to make small talk with everyone we meet. We are much more happy with less money, we’re doing what we’ve always dreamed to do. It’s made us better people and that’s exactly what I want Rhys to get from his parents as he grows.

May 29th – Today we went through the Burger King drive-thru separately while traveling in separate cars. I was behind my husband waiting to get my food, he drove out and I approached the window. The worker informed me that the man in front of me paid for my meal. “How sweet!!” I thought! Even though we share all finances completely haha. Then she told me that the man said that I was the prettiest thing he had ever seen. The drive thru girls were blown away and all giggly. “Do you know that man?” they asked, I replied yes, he is my husband! The look on her face was priceless and at that moment it hit me…I truly have found the love of my life and just because you’re married doesn’t mean that you can’t still date and be flirtatious.



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  • Paul Stratton

    happy forth guys,,where are you at now?take care,,,,pReplyCancel

  • Tina Blasdel McMillen

    Happy 4th and stay safeReplyCancel

  • Bill Giltner

    Happy 4 th to two ..ReplyCancel

  • Wade Nisbet

    Happy 4th team! Livin the dream. I can’t wait to join you all on the ocean blue.ReplyCancel

    • lazygeckos


      Thank you and we hope that you had a wonderful 4th too! Get out here and start enjoying!!

      Love always, BrittanyReplyCancel

  • Joseph Borcynski

    Ha! One of the best stories I’ve heard that included Burger King.ReplyCancel

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