CAPTAINS BLOG 30 May – 16 June 2016

May 30th – I sailed a Catamaran today! I could definitely see myself having one of these babies some day! I’m very torn though because I think I still like a monohull more. Who knows what may happen!

May 31st – Today was rather special! It was the first day after a long weekend that we didn’t have to play catch up! I think we’re now at the point where we can start enjoying our lives on the boat since all the projects are coming to an end. We actually didn’t wake up and task ourselves to get everything completed on the “To-do” list.

We’re finally able to start to enjoy this!

June 2nd – Lucky us, we just spent the last two nights in a hotel while we replaced our boats batteries! It had an issue with some venting so we got a room just to be safe. What a treat it was to enjoy a big bed and a nice bath with Rhys! Oh yeah and I can’t forget being able to do laundry in a non-crowded area without others waiting on you to finish so they can start.

June 8th – Our new friends, Tom and Anita allowed us to borrow their car today! We hesitated when they offered so they pretty much forced us to actually lol. So far, we’ve only had to rent a car once since untying the lines 3 weeks ago and boy-oh-boy is it expensive! It sure is nice to have friends that offer a vehicle, which saves us a ton of money. I won’t turn down vehicle offers in the future, that’s for sure!

June 9th –  Friends of ours treated us to Shrimp Shack tonight. Jeremiah and I used to have such a hard time accepting invitations for dinner especially when it is paid for but tonight I think we did rather well. We’ve learned that so many people enjoy doing things for others, we’re the same way so it makes it nice!

June 10th –  $700 worth of groceries are onboard and still have enough room to leave the kids two cubby spaces for when they arrive! So much money but it takes a lot to feed all these mouths! The kids come soon!

June 13th – We picked two of our other little Geckos up today for the summer! Crazy how a year ago we were talking about how they will be coming next summer to live on the boat and now that time has come. They don’t know it yet but this is going to be the best summer of their lives.


Welcome aboard to Trevor and Jessica!

June 14th – We took the kids on a jet ski today! It was an awesome experience but Jess and I did have a close call. In the mix of having so much fun doing donuts and jumping waves we flung ourselves off a bit further then intended. As we both came to the surface we realized that the jet ski went one way and the arm band went the other! It’s was pretty scary as we couldn’t make it back to the ski due to the current. Jess started to panic, I started to calm myself so I could be the one to make sure we got out of this safely. We floated there waiting for someone to see us. Eventually, a young couple riding another jet ski spotted us and were kind enough to deliver us safely to our own. We’ll just say that the day ended with a huge splash!

June 15th – Today we cooled off by taking the kids to a water park…Which happened to be Rhys’ first time! The best part of the day for me was watch my little boy experience the new joys of life and become more comfortable with the water. This kid has no fear.

June 16th – This day marks the beginning of our cruising summer! As we take off from Beach Marine Marina and head north to explore Amelia and Cumberland Islands. I can’t wait to show the kids what exactly their summer is all about. Here we go!


S/V Lazy Gecko is ready to start our summer!

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