June 31st – Today we started to enjoy some of the activities here in St. Augustine. We hit up Ripley’s Believe It or Not to show the kids just what it’s all about! They’ve never been!! Can you believe that?! We also took Rhys to this awesome little park where we enjoyed the picnic that we had packed prior to leaving the boat. After eating our delicious and practically free lunch, we headed off to complete a round of mini golf that I was able to get for $1 per person at the oldest mini golf track in the U.S. Crazy to think that our grandparents could have possibly had their first dates at this very course.

July 1st – Today we attended a ghost tour what is one of St. Augustine’s most toured attractions. The kids were super stoked about it and I must say I think their expectations were met. I’m happy that we got to complete this with them, since we are a family that loves to be spooked!

July 2nd – Today was all about history and boy-oh-boy does St. Augustine ever hold a lot of it! I did some research and came up with a list of free things we could do and believe it or not, this little gem (St. Augustine) has a lot! So we enjoyed our day of free activities and home packed meals 🙂 

July 3rd – We surprised the kids with a dessert tour at Whetstone Chocolate Factory here in St. Augustine! We are all so lucky that we are huge fans of sweets, well everyone except Jeremiah, but he does it for us 🙂

July 4th – Today was a rather special day for us…We got to enjoy fireworks from the bow of the Lazy Gecko! This was an experience that I never knew was even possible, even after moving aboard. It never occurred to me that we would be able to hook up to a mooring ball right in front of one of the most impressive fire works shows in Florida. This is a memory that we will all talk about in the years to come!

July 5th- We left St. Augustine today and we are on the way further south! I think we can all agree that this was one of our favorite spots! Thankfully we got out without a hiccup!

July 9th – We’ve arrived in Palm Coast today at what appears to be a hidden gem! This marina is insane and exactly what we need as a family! The kids have been aboard for about a month now and it is time to give these little Geckos some land time. This marina is just the spot for that and a must go to if your ever passing along the ICW. For a very minimal price you get full access to the resort that is a mile away. How do you get there without a vehicle you ask? Well they have a shuttle that runs 24 hours for free! Yeah, it’s pretty awesome!

July 11th – Today we went to the water park at the resort. The best part of it is that it was included in our monthly marina fee of $523.00 a month for a 37′ sailboat. We’ve been able to accomplish waterparks in the past for a very minimal price but nothing like this. We didn’t spend a dime. Got in for free, packed a lunch and got a complimentary ride 🙂 This is great spot for families passing by!

July 13th – We were able to utilize the marinas private beach today and it was incredible to watch the kids play in the water. It has been a year since we’ve all been together at the beach playing like a family does on vacation. Yes, sometimes you need a vacation day from your vacation life 🙂

July 15 – Tonight was huge for Jeremiah and I as it was date night! This was so needed as we have been in full parent mode and haven’t had a moment to ourselves to just be man and wife. I enjoyed it more then I can begin to express and it was even more enjoyable to know that all of our babies were safe! Rhys was in the best care he could ever be in of his brother and sister.

July 17 – Okay, so this is crazy that I’m even going to talk about this but here it goes! The showers at this marina are fantastic! They feel just like you were at the spa! I mean I haven’t even had this experience when I lived in my own house! Showers are a huge deal and not to be taken for granted when you live aboard. I’ll admit that I have had the thought of just living here forever due to the simple fact that the showers are pretty darn amazing!

July 19th – We were in full swing of safety lessons today! As parents we feel that it is our duty to teach our kids the reality of what can happen in life. For instance, what do you do when a fire breaks out aboard?! I believe that some parents wouldn’t want to scare their children but for us, we feel that it is essential to be realistic and prepare our kids. Now that we have demonstrated and prepared our kids for the worse – we feel much safer leaving them alone for an hour or two.

July 21st – It’s beginning to feel like our very own resort at this club house located at Palm Coast Marina…We may be pushing it a bit, but we are now having movie night in the main lobby area after hours just about every night. They have such a beautiful setting with huge fluffy couches in front of a gorgeous T.V. The best part is there’s even a microwave about 10 steps away that pops our popcorn to perfection! So I guess you can see why this has become a reoccurring thing for the Geckos!

July 25th – Tonight we went over to the main resort part of the marina and attempted to play a game of hotel tag. Not only 5 minutes into the game and our oldest boy went down with a gash to the head and then a trip to the ER for some stitches! We can chop this up to another night that will never be forgotten!!

July 26th – We had an awesome day of beach front fishing at the marina resort today! It was incredible to watch our kids learn something new and feel the accomplishment of doing this activity! Rhys enjoyed making footprint trails along the beach, he’s such a water baby!

July 27th – The kids were really wanting to do smores tonight, but due to the heat we couldn’t light the fire pit without feeling like we were on fire ourselves. So we used a candle and roasted our marshmallows using forks. Worked out to be a perfect dose of smores done the easy way!

July 28th – We’ve always been the type of family to sit down and watch a movie like every night. By the second movie I usually dip out and head off to bed, but tonight was a little different. We grabbed some beers and non alcoholic drinks for the kids and headed to the pool. We then set up some pool chairs and propped our laptop up on a table and watched our movie. All the other families were so intrigued and I’m sure they will too do it with their kids. Rather neat I must say and it is nice that Rhys is now at the age where he sits and watches a movie with us!!

July 29th – Pedicures today! I usually get a pedicure about twice a year and today I was happy to do it with my step daughter, Jessica. I know that she enjoyed it just as much as I did. Plus I’m sure that taking and uber there and back was quite the experience for her 🙂

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