August 1st – Thankfully we got a rental car today and boy oh boy has it been way too long! I used to dread driving but I actually enjoyed it today. I used to take for granted being able to just jump in our vehicles to drive wherever we wanted to go! It was so nice to be able to drive ourselves to go get some pizza and canolis for dinner!

August 2nd – Unfortunately the kids go back soon. We thought that we’d be down in Miami by now so the kids flights were booked out of there. However, we are still up the coast quite a ways. You don’t realize it but if you want to enjoy the life of cruising then that means moving rather slowly! So off we go to Miami on a little road trip to take our babies to the airport. It’s always sad when it’s this time again, but we always look forward to the next time we will all be together! At least we are able to take advantage of it and spend the night in South Beach since we know that Rhys wouldn’t be able to handle that long of a drive back.

August 3rd – South Beach was a blast! Not what I thought it would be but still fun! It’s mainly a beautiful beach, lots of eateries and cute little places to have a drink. They do have many shops here as well for those that like to spend a little money. We will be back for sure, maybe even with the Lazy Gecko!
August 5th – 8th – The last couple days on the Gecko have been rather quiet around here. The three of us feel a little lost ever since the other two kids left for the school year. It’s always been an adjustment and never gets easier! Even though we should be used to sharing them after 9 years…

August 11th – Six month skin check today! Every couple months I make sure to we all get a full body skin check. Before even starting to cruise I had 3 questionable moles cut off and now I literally live in the sun. So I would say that it is pretty important that I continue to go. I wear sunscreen every day but I still make sure to get checked out. 

August 13th – We were able to attend my Grandmothers 80th birthday today. So happy we stayed in Florida for the hurricane season. It’s allowed us to be able to hop in a rental car to attend important family gatherings, moments or special occasions.

August 16th – Today really proved how challenging life can be without a car. Jeremiah has a heart condition that causes him to take a daily dose of medication. Every 3 months he needs a refill so he does not run into any type of trouble. Today he had a doctors appointment but no way of getting there and had just taken his last pill. We tried two days prior to get a rental car but they had nothing available even though we had a reservation. It all worked out in the end when he finally got an Uber, but if that doesn’t get your heart going then I don’t know what would!

August 20th – I finally did it…I left Rhys with a babysitter that wasn’t a family member for the first time tonight! I was very hard to do but it was long over due! Honestly, the only reason I was able to do so is because of the nanny cam that we had brought on board. We had purchased it before Rhys was even born and hardly ever used it. I knew it would come in handy one day though!

August 22nd – I finally made the plunge and climbed my butt up the mast! Only took attaching 3 safety lines for me to finally get the guts to do it! First I went to the spreaders, did some filming and got comfortable. Once it was time to go all the way to the top, I started to shake but I quickly steadied my eyes on something across the way and didn’t look down. I began to freeze once I was up there but soon learned just to breathe it all in and enjoy! I did just that and spent about 20 minutes up there and I was actually sad to go back down.

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