September 1st – We are well into our first hurricane season on the boat and so far so good. We’ve decided to keep the boat docked in Palm Coast as it seems to be a wonderful location. This marina has floating docks, great protection and is about 30 miles from the closest inlet. It’s hard to stay put but well worth it!

September 2nd – I caught a glimpse of the marina thief in action today. Every couple weeks to a month we have an incident at our current marina involving theft. Thankfully, we’ve never had an issue with our stuff but we do have friends that have had fishing gear, dock stuff and boat items go missing. Well today I spotted the thief scoping out all the boats in the dark at about 10:00 p.m. He approached the Gecko right as I was walking up to the boat from my evening shower, so I shined my light in that direction to let him know I could see everything he was doing (looking into my boat). He quickly speed off and has yet to return. I must say it feels rather unsettling that someone can just enter from the waterway even thought we are in a secured, gated off marina.

September 3rd – It’s time to replace our safety gear. We are always checking our safety gear to ensure that it is up-to-date with all the state law requirements. It is rather easy actually, all you do is pull up the online requirements from the coast guard. Check your list with what’s required, check the expiration dates and order what’s needed. However, stuff can be rather pricey!

September 4th – Since we completed our safety gear yesterday, I thought it was time to update our medical kit. I went ahead and ordered the mac-daddy kit since we have up to 6 people on board at times. I also ordered a smaller kit for our dingy just incase something were to happen while we took Taco out for a spin. Now we have a medical kit on the boat, one in Taco and of course all the medical supplies in our life raft.

September 5th – I’ve been trying to get a someone to the boat to teach us CPR and give us our certification. I have had absolutely no luck in finding someone. I find this to be rather important since we have a little one onboard and Jeremiah has a heart condition. It’s not always easy to be able to do these types of things while living on a boat.

September 6th – Our littlest sailor, Rhys had a rather rough day today. We took him to complete the rest of his shots. It was a big push at the doctors since we are getting prepared to take off from the dock. After some rest and ice cream he seemed to be much happier!!

September 7th – Today was rather sad for our Gecko family as we finally committed to giving Kiya a new home. Mommies little princess will have a wonderful life aboard her new yacht home. She has literally 4 stories to run around in and another Bulldog to love on. I know that she’ll have an amazing life with her new Mommy and Daddy as they care for their fur babies as if they were their biological children.

September 8th – What an accomplishment it was to finally get over the hurdle of replacing some rigging and perfecting the rest. We were so lucky to have found a guy willing to work with us and teach us everything we needed to know about rigging! Check out the video if you missed it!

September 9th – We brought our Viking Life raft into a dealer to get serviced today. Although it’s incredibly pricey, it is totally worth every penny having the piece of mind that it won’t fail if needed. I even got to pull the cord to release it, that was awesome.
September 10th – Another sad day for the Geckos as Tacori our other English Bulldog went to live with Mimi (Grandma) for a little while. Rhys has been battling an ongoing rash and we think the dogs may be the cause. We’ll take her off for 6-12 months and see if his rash clears up. If it is not a pet allergy then of course Tacori will be back onboard!!

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