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Our second day on the move! It felt great to wake up at anchor. The weather was stunning. We were the only ones in our private little anchorage, which led to some silly behavior last night on the bow…Lets just say that being butt naked on your bow looking across at a city full of […]

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  • Paul Stratton

    yup gotta love it ,the schooner i sailed on out of mystic,ct ,on the mystic river ,was like that ,4 to 5 knot current ,with a draw bridge maybe 150 feet from where we docked.the tide dicktated if we came in to our dock spot bow into the tide ,our spot was just big enough for our 70 foot over all lenght,10 or more was bowsprit.sometimes we had too get a stern line on first ,and back her down the prob rotation would walk us right in to the dock.glad your starting your adventure,,fair winds an safe passages,,paulReplyCancel

  • Kenneth R Ken Gossett

    Love keeping up with you guys (all 3 of you and the dogs) be safe from TexasReplyCancel

  • Christina Gibson

    Whew close one!! Best learning experience is by doing!!! Keep safe and keep living the salt life!ReplyCancel

  • Joseph Borcynski

    if you promise to keep making mistakes, I promise to keep learning from them…ReplyCancel

April 12th – Agh! Motion sickness again! Yes, I’ve gotten the terrible feeling of spinning and nausea once or twice so far while living on my floating palace. However, when it does happen, it seems to come on when I’m drinking. Wonder if it’s the actual drinking causing it and not the rocking? lol…Probably both! I can […]

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  • Paul Stratton

    alcohol could be a contributing factor,since drinking can effect your equalibreim ,since eveything does tend to move on a boat ,lol.,jusst my 2 cents,PReplyCancel

April 2nd – Ever heard someone getting it on in a public family bathroom that you just happen to shower your baby in? Well…I have!!! The common area of the club house consisted of an older couple cooking dinner, me sewing and a young boy on the computer when the dead silence was broken by […]

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  • Tim Linder

    I love yall’s post and updates. Semper Field day!ReplyCancel

  • Arthur Pryor

    YES Rhys is have a good life…….ReplyCancel

  • We’ve been thinking about picking a couple up ourselves… Keep us posted on your experiences and thoughts… Thinking it could serve several purposes… Exercise, zen time, fishing platform etc.. Keep up the great work and hope to see you soonReplyCancel

  • Ryan

    Love the blog! I look forward to the posts and videos each week. I hope to do the same in the future, sell my businesses, buy a sailboat and sail off into the sunset. I look forward to seeing ya’ll sail to some interesting places!ReplyCancel

  • David F Jativa

    Hey don’t forget to do a video for the AC installation. A tutorial would better since there’s not a single video online that shows Te FYI of this. Looking forward to seeing the Video!!ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Painter

    Is there a centralized website that you can go to for all your dog’s papers, or do you look it up port by port? I would think a form program that filled in all the same blocks for all the ports you want at once would be a huge hit…..hmmmm. If the irs can do it, then it is doable…..let me seeReplyCancel

  • Paul Stratton

    lol,on the bath post,when i lived in ct ,i rented a travel trailer,but had use the main house,one day i was privey to moaning sounds ,coming from the bathroom,more info then i wanted ,lolReplyCancel

  • Trina McLoone Warwick

    Hey guys! Love the updates and your attitude to living life to the fullest, I’m a bit herdonistic myself.

    Have you been able to find a website with all you need for the doggie paperwork? I have been trying to figure it out too…ugh! Any advice in the doggie paperwork category?ReplyCancel

  • Steve Adams

    Great Posts! I am so glad you guys are starting your retirement fun while you are still young. I was a corpman in 68 and 69 with the fleet and then worked for many years after I got out didn’t start to retire and have fun till I was in my 60s and sure missed out on a lot. Think I will live vicariously through you guys. Simper Fi and good luck.ReplyCancel

  • Raul Lucas

    Semper FidelisReplyCancel

March 21st – Went to visit my Momma today! Two things that I miss from land life would have to be a bathtub that I can watch my baby boy play in and reality tv! Yes, I’m a Bravo TV sucker. Good news though! I can easily give Rhys a bath on the boat as […]

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  • Paul Stratton

    pretty awesome,wish you guys the bestReplyCancel

  • Todd Monforte

    Interesting that you say you are a reality TV junkie…since you are now the reality TV for so many othersReplyCancel

  • Arthur Pryor

    KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE……a lot of people are behind you…and you blew it when he said he bought speakers for 1K…knowing it was april 1st, you should have said that you had just done the same….i love april fools, i fooled a lot of people with posts on FB….ReplyCancel

  • Douglas Montgomery

    You can get dish satelite TV for $50 a month. They are the onlty ones that allow you to turn on and off your subscription.ReplyCancel

  • Eric Martin

    That is just too funny!!! Sounds like something I would have done. Instead of pulling a prank on my wife I did get the office staff going. We have a routine at the office where I will read some articles from the local paper for everyone to chime in on. There was an article about how the govt. was going to begin work on restoring the war memorial in downtown Ottawa. Part of the restoration is work to be completed on the bronze statue. I added that the govt. was going to remove some of the male members in the statue and add more females and visible minorities to better reflect the diverse population of Canada. It was hard to keep a straight face as I spouted off, but I did. End result many frustrated and irate individuals and a lively discussion about waste of taxpayers money and on and on, right up until I reminded everyone that it was April 1st. I guess it could have been worse, I could have signed their paychecks as Mickey Mouse!!!ReplyCancel

  • Eric Martin

    That photo of the sunset from the stern of SV Lazy Gecko is better than any TV you could ever watch.ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Painter

    Would you be interested in someone recording all of your favorite shows & movies and have them mailed on an SD card or thumb drive?ReplyCancel

  • Stephen Wells

    Semper Fi. Thank you for your service, from a Viet Nam Veteran Marine. Want to give you a heads up on maintaning your health after exposure to so many unknowns while in service. 1. Detox 2. Antioxidents 3. Heathy diet 4. Spiritual Healing Note: It take heavy metal toxins up to 30 years to drastically impact your health so detox and illiminate from diet and inviroment. This is one of the main causes of veteran deaths. These toins attack your imune sysem and digestion track. Remember good health starts in your intestants.ReplyCancel

March 14th – Today we worked all day filming for our new video that we upload on Sunday..We were a little worried about how it would go since this was the first video that we did 100% on the boat. There were some challenges, we will see how it goes. While talking into the camera we had to […]

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  • Arthur Pryor

    always something going on, but you do need a/c for baby and dogs….ReplyCancel

  • Charles Reece

    Hey guys, saw this about living aboard and think you will think these are pretty funny.


    Hey what video editing program and where do you get your music. Does the mike need a program to help overlay your voice overs? Trying to learn how to edit my videos and voice over. ThanksReplyCancel

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