The Master Plan

We are climbing the wall of normal routine and starting an entire new chapter of our lives!  Sounds crazy to some but not us. Maybe because we are a little nuts ourselves!

Jeremiah is retiring from his job, we are selling everything we own…everything! Then we’ll be purchasing a sailboat and cruising the Caribbean for at least a year. We’ll be leaving from the Tampa area, hitting the Keys, Bahamas along the way.  Who knows what we will do after this initial year…We could go home and start again or keep going!  We do have the dream of cruising the Atlantic Circle so maybe we will embark on that journey.

“Isn’t this great? Look at this! Open ocean, uncharted islands! Who knows what’s waiting for us out there!” – Captain Ron 1992


You know, I’ve never heard of anyone looking back on their life and wishing they had worked just a few more hours or made that few extra dollars. I have, however, heard of people regretting not truly living! Our main focus is to get out there and enjoy life while we are still young…Since we can, why not! You could too! We will certainly post about all sorts of adventure along the way…From liquidating everything we have to buying/moving onto a sailboat to learning how to sail…Oh, did I mention that neither of us truly know how to sail other than small trips here and there? Told you, it’s an adventure!

Please take a look at our announcement video below!

S o c i a l   M e d i a
I n s t a g r a m
T w i t t e r